What iOS Updates Mean for You

When Apple releases a major iOS update, they attract a lot of attention and excitement in relation to what they will bring. With much anticipation around these updates, they can boast many new features including new emojis, features, aesthetic changes, and most importantly, security and privacy improvements across the board.

In recent iOS updates, there has been some controversy. Why? Because apps that we use every day are finding it much more difficult to track customers and obtain their data due to Apple’s updates.

Targeting customers with advertisements is no longer like a breezy walk in the park. With recent updates, app developers are having to spend time to make sure that they are compliant with Apple’s security rules which make things slightly more difficult.

What do these security updates look like?

A feature added in recent iOS updates, apps now explicitly ask for permission to track you outside of their own. While most users are completely unaware that this happens in the first place, it is most certainly going to make people think twice.

Users now have the choice to either opt-in or opt-out of tracking. Although some apps already had these options available, they were buried deep within privacy settings and were extremely difficult to locate unless you were actively searching for them.

When opening some applications for the first time, they may ask for the user’s permission before tracking any activity. Not all applications will do this but at least users now have a chance to fight back.


There has been some concern from users on whether they will experience the app differently if they do decide to opt-out. However, Apple has stated that developers aren’t able to limit any functions available to the user! The decision really is down to the user.

What is the impact of these changes?

Privacy changes such as these really do have the ability to shake up the world of advertising as we know it. Have you ever had a conversation with a friend and seen an advertisement for something related the minute you open the Facebook app? While it might seem as though you’re secretly being listened to, the truth is, platforms like this have become incredibly smart at predicting your behaviour. Sometimes, they know you better than you know yourself!

With trackers following most of your online moves, the opt-out option is causing a shift that at one time seemed unimaginable. Users are slowly becoming tired of how their data is being used by big companies and Apple has been leading the revolution to fight their corner.

One of the biggest changes within these iOS updates is to do with App Tracking Transparency. For those who are unfamiliar with what this is, it is a string of numbers known as identifiers for advertisers (IDFA) which are placed in your Apple products.

Each iPhone comes with an identifier that will provide advertisers with data about your interests. But from now, users are in control. If you’re worried about big tech giants finding other ways around this, Apple has stated that developers are not allowed to use alternative identifiers to continue tracking users.

Within Apple’s iOS recent 15 updates, users can now hide their IP address when using their device. With this feature, no single source can monitor your internet activity, including Apple. On top of this, the safari application also will attempt to prevent cross-site trackers from following you, keeping browsing private. This is important as this prevents parties from tracking what you’re doing across multiple sites and entities.

These security changes enforced by Apple seem to be shining a light on the current data crisis at hand. Being in control of your own personal data has never been more important, and that’s what we’re here to help you do. Learn how Protect My Privacy can help you regain control today!

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