Smart Devices and the Internet of Things

Everywhere we look, there are smart devices. Technology has progressed at a rapid rate in recent years, to the point where even our thermostats are digitised and data-sharing. From simple apps to voice commands, our homes can be controlled and monitored easier than we could have ever imagined. Technopedia defines smart devices as:

An electronic gadget that is able to connect, share and interact with its user and other smart devices.

What Does Smart Device Mean?

No longer do we just view our mobile phones as ‘smart devices’, we are wearing smart watches while watching our smart TVs, keeping an eye on our smart meters. Smart devices are well and truly here, and they are taking over our lives, for good and for bad.

So, just how safe are smart devices?

As with any form of technology, we need to be careful of what exactly the device does, and how it could affect your safety. The vast number of smart devices available now has rightly raised questions about their safety, and that these may not be as safe as you’d think they’d be. You never know when hackers might target you, and without the correct security precautions, you could fall victim to a data breach.

With the popularity spike in smart devices, companies that have no interest in having security help from experts have thrown their hats into the ring. It was reported in 2019 that almost 1 in 4 people in the UK own a smart device, so the number of users could be susceptible to an attack. Your privacy could very well be at risk.

In our new series, The Internet of Things, our team at Protect My Privacy will aim to educate you on all things smart device-related, and how you should be thinking about your online safety. We will cover the biggest and most used companies and their products, ranging from Amazon’s Alexa to Google’s Nest.

Join us on this journey as we explore everything around your smart device!

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