Less data, less risk.

Decreasing the amount of personal data companies have on you, decreases the risk of it being exploited, hacked or left unsecured. Here’s how Protect My Privacy helps…

Retrieve Your Personal Data

Protect My Privacy allows you to retrieve your personal data from thousands of companies easily

You choose companies to send requests to, these companies are required under the GDPR to respond within 30 days. When the company responds to your request a copy of the personal data they hold on you will be made available to you, and only you. The private key used to decrypt this data is on your phone, Protect My Privacy has no access to this data.

Set Marketing Preferences

Protect My Privacy allows you to request that companies no longer send marketing material to you

With Protect My Privacy, it’s easy to set your marketing preferences. This allows you to request that companies refrain from contacting you with marketing or sales emails and phone calls.

Delete All Data Held on You

Protect My Privacy makes it easy to request that your personal data is deleted by companies

You have the right to request a copy of your data from a company you have a relationship with, you can also request that your personal data is deleted. Protect My Privacy will provide a copy of your data before you request that it is deleted. Only you can access this data, using a private key stored on your phone. Companies are required to respond to your request and confirm that your data has been deleted.

And so much more...

After years of using the internet it’s almost impossible to know who holds personal information about you.

  • Protect My Privacy allows you to send requests to retrieve and/or delete your data.
  • Each company has 30 days to respond under the GDPR.
  • Protect My Privacy gives you full visibility and control of what to do with that information.
  • Easy to use app helps you discover who hold yours personal information.

Take back control

Protect My Privacy gives you the power and control, saving you time and avoiding any hassle.

  • Retrieve your personal data from companies you may not even know had them!
  • Be alerted if your data has been in a breach on the dark web.

Safeguard your future

Protect your data.

  • Each time you enter your data to a website, your credit card information, your date of birth, you place your financial security in peril.
  • Take back control of your Personal Data.
  • Insure against identity theft with a 24/7 help desk and identity theft insurance with Protect My Privacy Premium.
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