Multi-Factor Authentication

What Is It?

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) means a hacker needs to know your password AND have access to something else (e.g. a code or SMS from your mobile phone) to get into your account.

Sometimes this is called two-factor (2FA) or two-step authentication.

This is particularly critical to protect your email; access to your email means hackers can reset your passwords easily and gain access to far more!

MFA is also essential for any online services including social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

How To Set Up MFA/2FA

The following links take you directly to the MFA page(s) for each service:

One Time Passwords - SMS vs App

SMS is less secure than an Authenticator App.

Sim Swapping is a real risk whereby an SMS can be intercepted by a malicious hacker and the benefits of MFA are eliminated.

We strongly advise using an Authenticator App where available.

The Microsoft Authenticator app provides a secure back-up which can help when migrating to a new mobile device, as well as being natively compatible with Microsoft services including Office365, so we recommend that one, but any app that is compliant with the TOTP standard will work:


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