SARs Management

Secure, simple & automated Subject Access Request (SAR) management with reliable biometric identity verification

Protect My Privacy SARs Management standardises your SAR workflow, providing a secure single interface to manage and even automate customer cases and requests

Why Protect My Privacy SARs Management?

ID Verification

Most organisations do not incorporate strong identity verification as part of their subject access requests, leaving them exposed to serious risk of data protection legislation being exploited, as discovered recently by a BBC reporter

Protect My Privacy uses best of breed identity verification using national Photo ID and biometric technology so your obligation as a DPO to correctly identify the subject is easily fulfilled. Protect My Privacy handles this for you.


Responses to Subject Access Requests can contain sensitive personal data.

Most organisations do not have a secure communication channel with the subject, especially if they are a former customer. Sending one time links to download files over email is not secure and exposes your organisation to unnecessary and very serious data breach risks.

Protect My Privacy uses advanced military grade encryption with a secure communication channel. Only the subject making the request and the organisation responding can see the personal data; Protect My Privacy staff have no access.

Legal compliance

If responding to typical subject access requests requires manual intervention, your organisation will face increasing pressure to remain compliant with the legislation by responding in a timely fashion.

We believe that the majority of subject access requests should be automated. Protect My Privacy can automate responses to subject access requests, freeing up your data protection team.

How Does It Work?

1. Customer Submits Data Request

Protect My Privacy SARs Management enables your customers to manage their data relationship with you through the Protect My Privacy mobile app.

Using the Protect My Privacy app, your customers are able to toggle their marketing preferences, make a SAR, and request deletion of their data, following which a case will be created in the Protect My Privacy Business portal.

As all Protect My Privacy users are fully identified using biometric and national photo ID verification, you can be legally assured of their true identity.

2. Data Request Received Through Protect My Privacy Business Portal

Details of  Subject Access Requests are securely shared within your Protect My Privacy Business Portal. Requests can be actioned by your registered DPO from the Portal (Protect My Privacy SARs Management – Essential) or Dashboard (Protect My Privacy SARs Management – Plus).

Protect My Privacy SARs Management – Automated customers can also automatically filter out requests where there is no match, sending automated responses to requests from Subjects whose data you no longer hold (or never did).

3. Action The Request

Once your DPO has completed the requested action, they can respond via the Portal, either confirming an action has been completed (e.g. updated marketing preferences) or sending requested data. The opened case will be updated in the Portal, confirming the actions that have been completed and can be used as evidence of compliance.

Secure encrypted messaging throughout ensures communications with your customer are private, with no one being able to see the data sent other than its intended recipient.

Protect My Privacy SARs Management – Automated Pro customers can also automate the response when an appropriate data match can be verified, completely automating the process from request to resolution.

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SARs Management

Secure, simple & automated SAR or equivalent management with reliable biometric identity verification

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