Encrypt your most valuable and often unprotected data – customer personal data – to mitigate data breach impacts

Encrypt all personal identifiable data

Including email address, home address, phone number, DOB, IP address, etc.

Avoid legal, monetary & reputational impacts of a data breach

Stop holding priceless customer data in insecure plain text

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Encrypt data during transit, in all logs, and at rest

In the first half of 2019 alone, 4.1 billion accounts were exposed. Protect My Privacy protects your customer’s personal data to ensure it is not compromised, even if your systems are

Reassure customers that their data is safe in your hands

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If your requirements are bespoke, we’ll work with you to implement Protect My Privacy Encrypt in a way that suits your estate


Protect My Privacy Data Protection has been designed to integrate with all major websites and CRM platforms. If you are using one or a combination of these, the process of integrating Protect My Privacy Data Protection is simple, fast and effective.

SARs Management

Secure, simple & automated SAR or equivalent management with reliable biometric KYC

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Encrypt your most vulnerable, external-facing customer data, mitigating breach impacts

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Our mission is to fix the personal data crisis

Learn more about our ethos and plan to achieve our mission.

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