Protect your business and provide benefits to your customers

  • White-label data protection app for your customers
  • Data breach notifications for staff and customers Easy setup – no requirement for IT integration
  • Boost your reputation as a secure and ethical custodian of your customer data
  • Offer identity theft insurance and 24/7 cybersecurity advice to your customers (premium only)
  • Place your own ads within the Protect My Privacy App
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Subject Access Request Management

Secure, simple & automated management of subject access requests

  • Manage all requests from a single interface
  • Automate responses and data mapping
  • Biometric and national identity KYC
  • Native end-to-end encryption
  • Assign staff to cases for efficient resolution of requests
  • Cut the costs of responding to requests
  • Foster a positive reputation for ethical data management and transparency with your customers
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Encrypt your most valuable and often unprotected data – customer personal data – to mitigate data breach impacts

  • Avoid legal, monetary & reputational impacts of a data breach
  • Encrypt all personal identifiable data, including email address, home address, phone number, DOB, IP address, etc.
  • Stop holding priceless customer data in insecure plain text
  • Encrypt data during transit, in all logs, and at rest
  • Reassure your customers that their data is safe in your hands
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Built for Security from the Ground Up

We take your – and your customer’s – security very seriously, and go to great lengths to ensure privacy principles are maintained at all times. Communications are secured using advanced military grade encryption, ensuring that data remains inaccessible and unreadable by anybody except the intended recipient.

As decryption of personal data can only occur through the secure key held on your customer’s mobile phone, the only person who will see any personal data you return, will be that customer.

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Our mission is to fix the personal data crisis

Learn more about our ethos and plan to achieve our mission.

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We take security seriously which is why we’ve been assessed and certified for addressing cybersecurity effectively and mitigating the risk from Internet-based threats.