Our Ethos

The internet is broken. Data breaches and misuse of personal data are a weekly (if not daily) occurrence.

We care strongly about privacy, data protection and your rights.

We wanted to do something about it, so we created Protect My Privacy, giving you the power to exercise your data protection rights.

We also wanted to help organisations, many of whom do not have the capability or capacity to efficiently and accurately identify subjects, nor to respond to subject access requests.

By integrating with Protect My Privacy, organisations can fully automate any request, speeding up the process and providing consumers with their data whenever they might request it.

We are not alone in our thinking; Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web agrees that something needs to be done;

I’ve always believed the web is for everyone. That’s why I and others fight fiercely to protect it. The changes we’ve managed to bring have created a better and more connected world. But for all the good we’ve achieved, the web has evolved into an engine of inequity and division; swayed by powerful forces who use it for their own agendas.

Today, I believe we’ve reached a critical tipping point, and that powerful change for the better is possible — and necessary.”

Sir Tim Berners-Lee

Inventor of the World Wide Web


We believe that with Protect My Privacy, we are making the internet a better place.


In our privacy and security policies, we have outlined how we manage and protect personal data.

We have adopted the highest standards of information security, using encryption methods that are significantly more secure than modern internet banking, or any other secure online service you may be familiar with using.

We have patents pending for the approaches we’ve taken to encrypting and protecting your data.

For example, if a company provides you with personal data they have, nobody at Protect My Privacy is able to view this data. The private key to unlocking this data is on your phone so only you can access this.

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